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A brand’s ability to storm TikTok early and intelligently will be crucial to its success for years to come. Most brands will be planning the early move to the platform, however, at For You Advertising, we create a bespoke and intelligent roadmap to your brand’s success.

As TikTok Commercial Partners with access to Alpha and Beta features, we work in collaboration with the platform itself to create bespoke solutions to your marketing needs.

Here’s how we match your ambition with an intelligent approach to the platform…
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Learn your “A,B,C-ultural relevancy”

Our Education workshop is designed to fast-track your learnings in the TikTok space. Working with our team of experts in order to understand your business goals and maximize your potential.

The one-stop shop for all you need to know
to get your brand started.

Creation & Setup

We combine our influencer marketing expertise with a full-service approach in order to skyrocket your results and give your brand a continued competitive edge.


We work with you during every step of the creative process. In our Creative Workshop, we will choreograph your personal strategy and creative direction leveraging unique workshop structures, locations, and exercises, to get your brand moving.

From finding the perfect TikTok Creator to concept brainstorming. Not only do our results impact the creative choices we suggest, but you will see how our creative choices maximize your results.


Now we have a deep understanding of your audience and the perfect content to resonate with their deepest desires - your dedicated account manager will implement your campaigns and push them live to the TikTok masses.


Winning and maintaining the loyalty of your growing audience requires daily oversight to not only ensure results are moving in the right direction but to maintain cultural relevance for your brand. 

Your Account Manager will constantly be split-testing variables and making data-informed decisions in your account(s) to optimise ROI. They will also be in regular contact with you to ensure that you are up-to-date with new and emerging creative trends as well as keeping you well informed across all KPIs. 


TikTok presents a unique opportunity for rapid account growth. Our proven scaling techniques will not only allow you to steal market share from your competitors but to continuously create authentic content which will drive ROI again and again.

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Please do not contact us, if you want us to recycle your Facebook content. That is not how this works. But we’re happy to explain why, while our team excites you with the new realm of content formats awaiting you.
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